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Sizing for Simple Tank Types

To what degree is your family in demand of hot water ? , decide. If your family is in high demand, you should think about the following.

The house has more than two full bathrooms ?

Teenagers currently reside there or soon will. Teenagers use more hot water than adults do for showering and washing clothes.
You own a huge tub, such as a whirlpool bath.

As a general rule, the water heater tank should have a capacity equal to or more than that of the bathtub (for instance, a 75-gallon tub and a 75-gallon water heater).

Find your family size to ascertain your family's first hour rating needs. Consider moving up to the next level of the first hour rating if you determine that your family is in great demand.

Consult your heater options with our water heater specialists at JR Plumbing, we can help answer all your questions in regards to first hour rating that meets your family size at your home.

The size of your family and other elements that affect your First Hour Rating (FHR) Requirement should be taken into account while choosing the suitable water heater.
For a variety of family sizes, this table offers suggested parameters for choosing a home water heater.

Hot water is required for the proper running of your house or small company.
Don’t be left in the cold; contact JR Plumbing at 281-690-7079 7 days a week to get your water heater back up and running.

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