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How To Prevent Back Flow Contamination In Your Home

You can take the safety and purity of the drinking water in the Fort Bend area for granted.
In an ideal world, the water that enters your home runs in a single direction, supplying you and your family with pure water.
However, if the plumbing in your home permits unclean water to flow backward, you run the risk of contaminating the water supply with chemicals and germs that can make people sick or even kill them.
All homeowners should take this into mind because it is referred to as backflow contamination.
Fortunately, JR Plumbing can make sure that your house isn’t adding to a water supply that is tainted.

What causes backflow ?

Water should only flow in one direction when it enters your home, whether it comes from a well or the city water system.
However, there are also typical locations in your house where your potable water supply meets your non-potable water supply, such your dishwasher or washing machine.
If something prevents the water from getting to your home, the polluted water can go the other way and return chemicals, garbage, and other pollutants to the water source.
Backflow is the term for this.

What brings about backflow?

Water flow can be hampered by pressure variations and result in backflow.
For instance, the water may no longer be pumped in the right direction if a water main breaks in your city or a neighboring fire hydrant is used.
When there is a vacuum or pressure drop in the primary water supply, backflow is also possible.

How can backflow be avoided?

Install backflow prevention devices in your home’s plumbing system using a unique valve to prevent water from flowing in the opposite direction.
Your family’s water supply can be safeguarded by doing annual backflow tests on a regular basis.
Some backflow preventers work by controlling the amount of air in the pipes.
To be effective, these systems must be functioning properly.

The expert specialists at JR Plumbing will examine your backflow preventer for any problems. All makes and models of backflow equipment are tested, repaired, and replaced by our skilled technicians.

Contact JR Plumbing if you are worried about backflow or have not had your backflow preventer system examined by a professional. Your backflow preventer will be checked for functionality, and any repairs or replacements will be discussed.
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