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What are Rooter Services ?

Sewer Rooter Services for the Fort Bend County Area

Thousands of residential sewage lines have been cleaned, repaired, or replaced for homes throughout the greater Richmond Texas area during the last 27 years.
We continue to specialize in taking care of sewage lines for our customers even after all these years.
We’ve progressed in such a manner that we always have the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art information.

Whats a Rooter Machine ?

A rooter is a machine that is used to unclog a sewage line by removing blocked particles.
These machines exist in many forms and sizes, but they must have a sharp tool attached to the top of a line (typically made of steel).
Although the majority of gadgets are driven by motors, there are a handful that still require some manual labor to work.

Plumbers snake the rooter’s line down your drain during a rooting service.
The rooter system will then be activated, pulverizing all of the sewage contained in your pipes.

Consider this: prior to the invention of rooters, the only option to clear blockages was to dig up sewage pipes and do hand cleanings.
In the current plumbing business, the rooter machine has obviously saved a lot of time (and a lot of headaches!).

So, why are these gadgets known as “rooters?”
You’ve surely heard of the famous “Roto-Rooter” machine from the 1930s, which was the first of its type.
Mr. Samuel Blanc’s Roto-Rooter was built primarily to remove tree roots, hence the name.

Although we still employ rooters to remove undesired tree debris, these devices are intended to break through almost any blockage in your home’s pipes.
A decent rooter service should be able to remove all of the encrusted debris, whether it’s food particles, hair, or anything else.

Why would you require the services of a rooter?

When one of their drains becomes clogged, most individuals ask for a rooter service.
A foul odor, water backup, and unresponsive flushing at one or more drainage locations are all common warning indicators.

You don’t want to put off dealing with these drainage concerns.
The sooner a skilled rooter can clean out undesired debris, the less likely you are to need more extreme (and costly) repairs.

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